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The information on this page does not include vessels that operate scheduled sailings to and from the Orkney Islands. The information is updated daily and the estimated time of arrival for vessels will be confirmed 4 hours prior to their arrival time.

The information provided is believed to be correct when posted and will be updated as required.

Ships Expected

DateName (Type)P.O.BBerthETAFromLast Updated
22 Jul 2017Aegean Odyssey (Cruise Ship)09:00Kirkwall Bay Anchorage10:00Stornoway21 Jul 2017 14:45
22 Jul 2017Mein Schiff 4 (Cruise Ship)06:30Hatston07:30Torshavn18 Jul 2017 15:53
22 Jul 2017British Cormorant (Flotta oil Tanker)11:00Scapa Flow AnchorageTBA20 Jul 2017 16:52
23 Jul 2017Boudicca (Cruise Ship)11:00Hatston Pier12:00Tobermory21 Jul 2017 12:40
23 Jul 2017Corinthian (Cruise Ship)05:30Stromness06:30Stornoway19 Jul 2017 10:52
24 Jul 2017Marina (Cruise Ship)07:00Hatston08:00Leith21 Jul 2017 12:23
25 Jul 2017AidaVita (Cruise Ship)07:00Hatston08:00Akureyri19 Jul 2017 13:31

Ships In Port

DateName (Type)All FastBerthETDDateDestinationLast Updated
7 Feb 2017Safe Zephyrus (Other)19:14Scapa Flow Anchorage28 Jul 2017North Sea20 Jul 2017 12:11
26 Apr 2017Safe Boreas (Other)07:20Scapa Flow Anchorage07:0027 Jul 201720 Jul 2017 12:10
30 Jun 2017Ben Nevis (Supply Vessel)16:12Scapa Flow Anchorage12:001 Jul 2017Aberdeen12 Jul 2017 06:52

Ships Sailed

DateName (Type)Let GoBerthDestinationLast Updated
18 Jul 2017Hebridean Princess (Cruise Ship)06:05Tanker Berth KirkwallWick18 Jul 2017 06:12
18 Jul 2017Magellan (Cruise Ship)17:54Hatston 1ATorshavn18 Jul 2017 18:16
19 Jul 2017Alfa Italia (Flotta oil Tanker)01:30Flotta JettyRotterdam19 Jul 2017 02:56
19 Jul 2017Caribbean Princess (Cruise Ship)17:07Hatston 1A 1BInvergordon19 Jul 2017 17:09
19 Jul 2017Sarnia Cherie (Coastal tanker)08:40Kirkwall Wesr 1Lerwick19 Jul 2017 08:50
20 Jul 2017Daroja (Container vessel)01:53Hatston Pier 1BLerwick20 Jul 2017 01:57
20 Jul 2017Adonia (Cruise Ship)18:43Hatston 1AScrabster20 Jul 2017 19:59
21 Jul 2017Saga Pearl II (Cruise Ship)18:15Kirkwall AnchorageUllapool21 Jul 2017 18:20
21 Jul 2017Columbus (Cruise Ship)17:55Hatston PierTilbury21 Jul 2017 18:07
22 Jul 2017Helliar (Ro-Ro vessel)02:11Hatston RoRoLerwick22 Jul 2017 02:12
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