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Pre-Arrival Form

Sailing Details

Vessel: IMO Number:
Registered Flag State: Ship's Last UK Visit:
Dangerous Goods Carried (Over 10kg) and UN Class Number:
Does the Ship Have a Valid International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC)?
If 'no', please give reasons:
At What Security Level is the Ship Operating?

Recent Ports-of-Call

What Were the Last 10 Ports-Of-Call and What Was the Ship's Security Levels During Those Ship / Port Interfaces? (start with 1 as the most recent port visited).

Name of Port and Country Date Port Visited Security Level
Have Any Special Security Arrangements Been Taken by the Ship During the Ship / Port Interface at the Last 10 Ports-Of-Call?
If 'yes', please provide details including locations and dates:
Have Appropriate Procedures Been Followed During Any Ship / Ship Activity During the Last 10 Ports-Of-Call, e.g. Were These Interactions Governed by the Security Requirements in the SSP?
If 'no', please provide details including locations and dates:
Any Other Practical Security Related Information, e.g. Have You Witnessed Any Suspicious Activity During the Voyage?
If 'yes', please provide details including locations and dates:
Agent's Name / Company:
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